Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to baby proof your Christmas tree!

A lot of people have asked me the past few years how I keep my kids off or out of our Christmas tree. I have no magical way or any fancy tricks, but I do have a few tips that has REALLY helped us the past few years.

1. Let them help you decorate. If they aren't allowed to touch the tree AT ALL, then they are only going to be more curious later and probably touch it when you aren't looking. Get it out of their system, and let them touch the ornaments, put some on the tree and feel the pine needles. (You may have to redecorate later, but at least they have been a part of it!)
Mia had fun helping me this year!
 Bailee was excited to find "her" ornaments!
2. Put paper, plastic and cloth ornaments on the bottom. Don't put any ornaments of value or breakable ones in their reach. This is only common sense, but it will save you from panicking when they grab one off the tree. Plus, it will keep them safer and you won't risk them cutting themselves on a broken glass bulb!
A plastic Elmo ornament is one of the favorites this year!
3. Always use new Christmas lights. I don't mean that you have to buy new ones every year, but just make sure they aren't the old kind that get really hot. The old ones could burn your child or, even worse, burn your whole house down!
4. My favorite and best trick of all is to line the whole bottom of your tree with jingle bells!!! On every branch around the bottom of my tree I have put small silver bells that jingle every time someone touches the tree. They are baby safe and when the tree moves or someone is touching it I hear it immediately! I have done this the last few years and it works like a charm!!! Just the other day Jack was playing with an ornament (when I wasn't looking) but I heard the bell jingle and quickly turned around to see him pulling it down! It's such a quick, easy, and cheap way to keep your kids safe! (You can usually find a box of 12 small bells at the dollar store!)
I hope this helps someone. I know it's always tricky to have a tree in the house with babies and toddlers around, but with some careful planning it can be fun!

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  1. You're so smart! I'm not sure I would've ever thought to do the bells at the bottom. :)